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NFT Pre-Sale

Exclusive items

NFT Pre-Sale

Explore our Genesis NFT series built on Flow™ blockchain

Party Crown


Limited time only

Genesis Hero Pack



Less than 100 remaining

Dragon Egg


Limited time only

This is an exclusive pre-sale. You don't need a wallet or cryptocurrency to participate. The NFT you purchase today will not be delivered to you until a later date.

NFTs on Flow™ blockchain

Kingfall is integrating utility-focused NFTs. Flow is a new eco-friendly blockchain built for the next generation of games.

Climate positive. We plant trees to offset the process of minting NFTs on Flow.


- Coming Soon -

Party Crown

Time-limited edition for Early Adopters. 

Minting odds (type): 74% Silver, 22% Gold, 4% Diamond

  • Kingfall's legendary first-ever NFT
  • Crown is visible to other players within the game
  • Grants access to exclusive buildings & locations within the game
  • Eligible to trade on the Kingfall NFT marketplace
  • Mint date is yet to be determined

Genesis Hero Pack

Limited edition. Initial release: 125 packs (875 reserved).

Minting odds (per slot): 74% Rare, 22% Legendary, 4% Mythic

  • Each pack contains a Genesis Hero NFT + bonus items
  • Hero is fully playable within the game
  • Procedurally generated attributes, skills, and visual design
  • Eligible to trade on the Kingfall NFT marketplace
  • Mint date is yet to be determined

Dragon Egg

Time-limited edition for Early Adopters. Initial release: 10 eggs (0 reserved). Any unsold eggs will have a 50% chance to be destroyed. Any remaining unsold eggs will then be permanently removed from sale and reserved.

Minting odds: 100% Mythic

  • Dragon Egg will hatch into a Genesis Dragon with uniquely powerful influence
  • Dragon is visible to other players within the game
  • Dragon will fly overhead and unleash breathtaking devastation within the game, even when you're offline
  • Additional functionality will be introduced over time
  • Eligible to trade on the Kingfall NFT marketplace
  • Mint date is yet to be determined

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